South Coast, Kangaroo Island
See some spectacular scenery on the South Coast.

The majority of Kangaroo Island’s attractions are located in the South Coast region of island. It is arguably the best region to enjoy activities and see some spectacular scenery.

South Coast and Vivonne Bay

The protected Flinders Chase National Park is one of the most visited attractions in the region. This wildlife sanctuary is home to numerous endangered species in additional to koalas, echidnas and goannas. The park also houses a couple of geological phenomena; Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch.

Remarkable Rocks are remarkable rock formations that sit on the edge of a cliff, which visitors can climb under, over and around.

Admirals Arch is a magnificent natural formed arch that was sculpted by the erosions of the sea. Just south of the rock formation it is possible to spot a playful colony of fur seals.

The Seal Bay Conservation Park is another great place to spot seals, well sea-lions to be exact. To see the sea-lions one must walk along an 800-metre boardwalk that zigzags through limestone cliffs and sand dunes.

At the end of the walk is a platform that enabled visitors to witness the sea-lions swimming and playing in the waves and on the beach.

The beach at Vivonne Bay is not only one of the best on Kangaroo Island but also in Australia.

It has a long sandy beach that is ideal for picnicking, surfing, fishing and sunbathing and is also a great place for a swim. Just north of the bay is the Kelly Hill Conservation Park.

The main draw of the park are the caves that run beneath it; the Kelly Hill Caves, which is home to impressive helictites, stalagmites, stalactites and straws.

Kangaroo Island’s Little Sahara sits just off of South Coast Road.

These natural sand dunes have taken thousands of years to form and cover over two square kilometres of land. Sandboarding is the most popular thing to do here, though some visitors also like to dive into the massive dunes head first.

Map of Kangaroo Island

Explore more with our Kangaroo Island map and find your way around Australia’s third-largest island. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

Kangaroo Island Experiences

There are plenty of things to experience on Kangaroo Island. Crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming, diving, kayaking and surfing while, on land, food safaris, bushwalks and walking tours are some of the best in Australia.

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