Adelaide Accommodation
From B&Bs to luxury lodges, Kangaroo Island has it all.

Many visitors to Kangaroo Island, particularly inter-state and international holiday-makers, like to extend their Australian holiday and visit some of Australia's other iconic destinations, such as Adelaide, South Australia's capital.

Adelaide is known for its wonderful churches, beaches, tourist attractions and amazing sights, but it also has a thriving arts scene, with cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums and galleries.

Accommodation in Adelaide is available to suit any budget, from basic three-star hotels to very comfortable five-star hotels. See the list of Hotels in Adelaide below where you can check availability and compare pricing.

Cooks Cottage
Rated 5 stars

From $235

Luxe Haus
Rated 5 stars

From $1471

Lakes Hotel
Rated 4 stars

From $114

Rated 4 stars

From $164

Buxton Manor
Rated 4 stars

From $198

Moana Magic
Rated 3 stars

From $95

Sea Devine
Rated 3 stars

From $107

Rated 3 stars

From $113

McCloud House
Rated 3 stars

From $116

Eden on Eden
Rated 3 stars

From $117

Sandy Walk
Rated 3 stars

From $120

A2@Port Willy
Rated 3 stars

From $141

Rated 3 stars

From $151

Rated 3 stars

From $160

Zephyr Shores
Rated 3 stars

From $166

Oceans Eight
Rated 3 stars

From $172

Do Drop Inn
Rated 3 stars

From $180

Pier 216
Rated 3 stars

From $186

Tennis Elbow
Rated 3 stars

From $224

AL RU Farm
Rated 3 stars

From $236

Ocean 180A
Rated 3 stars

From $276

Rated 3 stars

From $347

Backpack Oz
Rated 2 stars

From $23

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